Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jobs in Saudi Arabia No Longer Offered for Expats

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Planning to Work in KSA?
Are you planning to work in Saudi Arabia? Are you aware that there are a handful of jobs no longer offered for expats? If not, then let me help you then.

Saudi Arabia is among the richest country in the Middle East, the kingdom is the number one supplier of oil and petroleum products in the world, wherein majority of its revenue comes from. Until recently that oil price started to drop low which has drastically affected the country's economy.
To combat deficit and streamline the budget, the government has made changes of their policies including labor laws. Likewise, the kingdom is also planning to cut reliance on expat workers, thus there are certain jobs here which are no longer offered for expat workers, here are some of the jobs restricted only for locals now:
1. Watch shops
2. Optical stores
3. Medical equipment stores
4. Electrical and electronic shops
5. Outlet selling car spare part
6. Building material shops
7. Outlets selling all types of carpets
8. Automobile and mobile shops
9. Shops selling home furniture and ready  made office materials
10. sale outlets of ready made garments
11. Children clothes & men's supplies
12. Household utensils shops and pastry shops.
13. Mall jobs
The above aforementioned jobs will no longer be offered for expat workers to give way and help their unemployed citizens. There are still plenty of job descriptions which are reserved only for Saudis not mentioned on the list above.
I recently went to one of the popular malls here in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia, I was surprised seeing no expat workers in the shop. When I asked one of the locals salesman, "where are the expat workers here?" he replied, "they have already went exit Sir, because of the localization program."
Therefore; if you are planning to work here, it is important to understand and know your job positions prior moving to KSA. Knowing the restricted jobs will help you not being caught and not ending up going back home.