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How To Learn English For Free By Yourself & Land A Job Abroad?

English is a Universal Language

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Do you want to learn the English language? Do you want to be able to speak fluently like native English speakers? Do you want to standout with your communication skill among the crowd? If your answer is “yes.” Then, this post is the right one for you.
Undeniably, English is considered as the universal language now a day, people from different countries and nationalities are trying to learn English. Reasons of studying English may include for employment, immigration, business or simply having an edge on their communication skill. 
Some people even enroll themselves in a training

centers or prestigious universities just to study and learn English, others go to Europe and United States to get first hand English training and paid a hefty amount of money. However, little is known that you can hack English by yourself without costing a penny. 
Based from my personal experienced, learning English by yourself is not really difficult if you have the patience and determination to learn the language. Here are my secrets of learning English by myself:

Top 5 Hacks in Learning English by Yourself:

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Reading Dictionaries – Before being able to speak English fluently, first and foremost you must have thousands of vocabularies stored in your head. This is the first foundation of starting to learn the language. You must be able to identify the English word of every single thing around you, from the anatomy of your body, to the items inside your household, offices or whatever it might be, as far as your sight could reach. You need to know their English word and translation.

Take note: you will NEVER be fluent in one language without having to identify almost everything that surround you. And that reading the dictionary is the best way to gain more vocabularies; I remember when I started reading and memorizing the dictionary, that was when I was in first year high school & even until now i still have the time to read dictionary. 

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Watching English MoviesAnother very effective way to learn English is - by watching English movies, the dialogues and conversations in the movies are very helpful for you to learn English. Watching movie is like watching the native English speakers themselves talking in their language.

While I was starting to learn English I had never failed to watch English movies and try to copycat the dialogues or even write it down in my notes. There are certain sentences which are quite difficult to make by yourself, but you could learn it from watching English films.

Read English Paragraphs or books daily Aside from reading dictionaries to gain vocabularies, you need to read English books in a daily basis too. You don’t need to be particular what kind of books for as long as it is written in English – a magazine, a newspaper, science books, kids story books or whatever that something which has English word in it. Reading it daily helps you familiarized a lot of words and phrases which are commonly used in English.

Be With English Speaking FriendsYou don’t really have to find a native English speaking friends; what I mean with “English speaking friends” are your common friends who have the same passion in learning English. 

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Believed me, this is among the most effective ways to learn the language. Back in my college days, I had a reputation of being an “English spoken” as I oftentimes speak English in the college even I am along with my local friends. After all there were no foreigners in our college at all lol.

As a matter of fact, I have befriended my college instructors who became my best buddy in speaking English. I could never forget one of my instructors in college who was as well like me, loved to speak English he was Mr. Reynaldo Pines.

Be Confident This advice is not about watching or reading English text, this is the soft skill that you need - to further learn and apply the English language in your daily life. Once you have all the prerequisites to learn English, you must have the self-confidence to use the language. Don’t be afraid or scared to speak English in-front of your friends, colleagues or classmates.
Others may find it weird when we are speaking English with our local friends, don’t mind those people around you. Remember, you cannot please everyone– so just be yourself and think on the long run. Don’t ever be discouraged when they make fun of you while practicing the language. Many people failed to learn English mainly because they are afraid of criticism and what others will say. 

English Helps Me Land Career Abroad
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Are you still interested to learn English? Just to give you a heads up, if you are planning to work abroad soon, having a good English skill is very essential. As a foreign worker myself here in Saudi Arabia, our medium of communication in the office is mainly English. If you have read my previous post about my company, I am currently connected with the biggest energy company in the world.

This company was established by the Americans and employing around 80 different nationalities and to communicate effectively with those multinational colleagues, you need to have at least a good English skill. You don’t need to be perfect, but at least being able to convey your message across.
I strongly believed that my English skill is one of the reasons why I have been hired by the biggest companies in the world. Prior joining this company I used to work as Admin Manager, in an international I.T company also based in the U.S, without a good English skill I wouldn’t have been hired by these companies.
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I was extremely grateful for my hard-works back on those days that I started to learn English, I have spent thousands of hours reading and memorizing English words. It was too exhausting, but I loved it because I knew I would reap the benefit in the future someday. And here I am enjoying the abundance of its benefit working with gigantic companies.

I hope this post inspires you to improve and learn English as well, who knows you might be the next one will reap its benefit. You don’t really need to study in an expensive university or training centers, just follow the aforementioned hacks the same way I did, good luck.
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